Auto Diagnostics

Auto Diagnostics

Auto Diagnostics | Diagnostic Tune & Auto Air - Panama City, FL, FL

Cars today are more advanced than ever. Many newer makes and models even have on-board computer systems that can tell you exactly what the problem is with your vehicle. Sometimes this comes in the form of an error code, however the most frequent display of an error is the dreaded “Check Engine” light that lights up when the computer has detected a problem with your vehicle.

When this light is illuminated, you need to bring your car in right away. It could signify a minor issue or that a repair is needed or it could signify that major damage has occurred to the internal parts of your vehicle. Just because you can still drive your vehicle, does not mean that something isn’t in serious need of repair.

Here is a list of some problems associated with the “Check Engine” light:

• Dirty oil
• Dirty air filter
• Fuel vapor leak
• Air conditioning issue
• Transmission problems
• Engine problems

Our mechanics use specialized tools to check the error messages on your on-board computer system so as to diagnose the specific issue. We also follow up on the error message to ensure there are no other problems contributing to it. Using a combination of both methods allows our mechanics to pinpoint the exact problem with your car with great accuracy saving you time and money for your vehicle’s repair.